Southern Region Venturing, BSA

Officer History

Since Venturing is a youth-led program, youth Venturers have the opportunity to serve in a variety of leadership positions on the council, area, region, and national levels. Below is a record of those Venturers who have previously served as Southern Region Venturing President, along with those Venturers from the Southern Region who have served as a national officer within the Venturing program.

Southern Region Venturing Presidents

1998-2000James Wells
2000-2001Wesley Miller
2001-2002Francesca Scanio
2002-2003Thomas Franklin
2003-2004Randy Porch
2004-2005Lee Barrera
2005-2006Maruerite Belli
2006-2007Michael Bebeau
2007-2008Thomas Joyce
2008-2009John Washburn
2009-2010Kalla Leming
2010-2011David Morgan
2011-2012Josh Nolan
2012-2013Ryan Mitchell
2013-2014Maddie Culwell
2014-2015Aaron Young
2015-2016Doug Taylor
2016-2017Lydia Borah
2017-2018Savi McMillan
2018-2019Ryan Davis
2019-2020Ella Hirsch
2020-2021Amy Hermann

National Officers from the Southern Region

2006-2007Marguerite BelliNVOA President
2013-2014Aaron Parks-YoungNVOA Vice President
2013-2014Gerry SouserNVOA Vice President
2014-2015Maddie CulwellNVOA President
2018-2019Jake BrillhartNVOA Vice President