Southern Region Venturing, BSA


To better serve Venturers across numerous states, the Southern Region is divided into nine areas. Each area has its own Venturing Officers’ Association, holds area-wide events, and is dedicated to supporting the council VOAs within its territory. The clickable map on this page shows the entire territory served by the Southern Region and the specific territories served by each of the nine areas.


Area SR-1


Area SR-1 covers southern Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and parts of Florida.

Area SR-2


Area SR-2 covers northern Texas and pieces of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Area SR-3


Area SR-3 covers southern Texas.

Area SR-4


Area SR-4 covers southern Georgia and Florida.

Area SR-5


Area SR-5 covers South Carolina, and part of North Carolina and Georgia.

Area SR-6


Area SR-6 covers central and southern Kentucky, Tennessee, northern Mississippi, and western Virginia.

Area SR-7


Area SR-7 covers southern Virginia and northern North Carolina.

Area SR-8


Area SR-8 covers Oklahoma and most of Arkansas.

Area SR-9


Area SR-9 covers western Georgia and northern Alabama.