Southern Region Venturing, BSA


Venturing Journey to Excellence

Venturing JTE helps council VOAs identify their strengths and discover where they can improve.

Apply to Be a VOA Officer

As a VOA Officer, you will have privilege and responsibility of serving the Venturing community.

Start a Venturing Officer's Association

Venturing Officers’ Associations (VOA) provide opportunities for adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service.

Unit Journey to Excellence Guide

This guidebook will help your crew understand the crew JTE scorecard and how to use it to improve your crew.

Youth Training

To find a list of all available youth trainings, please visit


This introductory-level training will teach Venturers the fundamentals of leadership. It’s required for the Discovery Award.


Kodiak is designed to be an adventure that pushes the boundaries of every participant.

Goal Setting & Time Management

A requirement for the Discovery Award, this training will help Venturers learn how to set goals and manage their time effectively.


A requirement for the Summit Award, this training will help Venturers learn how to mentor others.

Adult Training

Youth Protection

Youth protection is of paramount importance to the Boy Scouts of America. Recognizing that this commitment requires sustained vigilance.

Venturing Advisor Position Specific Training

This course is intended to provide Venturing Crew Advisors with the basic information they need to help youth leaders manage a crew.